Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All of Us Together

Our Wedding Party

Family Shots

The Bride with her new Family

The Groom with his new Family

Mom and Dad Gallagher

Hope's Relatives from California. The Curtis Beeman Family

James' sister, Christine Gallagher

This picture includes Hope's relatives from Florida, Lynn and Fred Gray

Mom and Dad Beeman

Like Father like Daughter?!

Father and Mother kiss the Bride

The Bride and her Family

The entire clan!
Hope's Uncle and Aunt from Florida came, as well as her Uncle, Aunt and cousins from California.

Look at the Kiss!!!!

Wedding Participants

Kayleen Waltman. She and her sister Darleen were the photographers.

Eric Wesson video taped the wedding for us.

Amy and Andrew Smith. This brother and sister sang "Sunrise, Sunset" right after the giving away of the Bride.

The Doug Smith Family. They sand "Nearer, Still Nearer" and "My Father Planned it All" in the ceremony.

The Reception

The Wedding Cake

James' wonderful grooms cake....created by "Joyful Celebrations"

The punch fountain, and it's attendants: Hannah Hale and Joleen Waltman

So many dear friends!!!

Cutting our Wedding Cake

Feeding the Bride

Feeding the Groom


More Favors

The Bubbles

Do you think the Lion is big enough?! :)

The children's area. They enjoyed coloring on the white paper "table cloths" !

Friends old and new

Guests visit and mingle

A veiw from above

Cousin Jason takes a rest....he worked so hard setting up for the reception!

Hope's students, Jesse and Jordan Henderson play

James' orchestra, "The Lord's Strings" played

Kellie Davis played her harp and sang.

I think he enjoyed the reception :)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Preparing the Car and the Great Escape!

The jacks....

Filled with balloons!!!!

The Classic Cans!

And the final image!