Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Del Mul family made personalized water bottles for the wedding party etc.

Dad gives Jonathan's bow tie a check :)

Mark, one of our ushers, gets a last min. check from Daniel! :)

waiting for the ceremony to begin!

Guests begin to arrive

Melissa and Emily Smith were guestbook attendants

Our Ceremony

Our violin teacher, her husband and two of James' friends played for our wedding.

Friday, September 02, 2005

James played "Largo" from Winter of the "Four Seasons" as I walked down the aisle

During the Ceremony

The Vows and Rings

After lighting our Unity Candle, we sang "Lord, Bless our Home" by Ron Hamilton

James about to lift my veil

James fixes my veil, after our kiss

Our Journey has begun!

Walking out of the Church
Blurry, but I still like it--they look so happy!

Waiting for Pictures...

Talking to Grandma Beeman in California

It's Official....and we've got rings to prove it!

Mike Hale, the man who married us....and us! :)

The Bride and Groom's our Wedding Day....and We're MARRIED!!!!!!!!1

Kissing her Groom

Kissing his Bride

The Bride and her Attendants

Dear Friends together on our special day

The Bride with her Maids of Honor

The Bride and her Attendants

Amanda Smith, one of my Maids of Honor

Rebekah Smith, my other Maid of Honor

Melissa Scott, Bridesmaid

Mary Hutchins, one of my Bridesmaids

Naomi Gallagher, one of the "Les Petite" Bridesmaids

The Flower Girl, Gloria Gallagher